Download Aqualung

Aqualung is primarily released as a source code tarball archive. The program is officially included in a number of major Linux distributions, including Debian, Gentoo, SuSE, etc. as well as FreeBSD and OpenBSD. A conventional click-through installer is available for Microsoft Windows as well as an .app bundle for Mac OS X.

The latest release tarball version is always downloadable from the "latest release" menu on the left. You can read the ChangeLog to decide whether you want to upgrade from a previous version.

Most development happens in SVN, so if you want to take part in the development process, or try the very latest version, you have to get the code from SVN. This is very easy since we try to provide a SVN tarball that is rebuilt after almost every commit. Remember to run sh in the root directory of the untarred SVN tarball before running ./configure. If you have the necessary auto* packages installed, this is the only additional step needed compared to compiling an official tarball release.

SVN tarballs downloaded from here should always compile and run. If they do not, let us know. The latest SVN tarball is available from the corresponding menu on the left.

It is also possible to get the SVN code by means of the anonymous SVN access provided by To checkout the Aqualung source repository, follow these steps ($ is meant to be your prompt):

change dir where you want to have the source, e.g.
$ cd /usr/local/src

to get everything:
$ svn co svn:// aqualung

to get the trunk only:
$ svn co svn:// aqualung

There is also an online web-based SVN browser. Nice to see if there is anything new.

A Git mirror of Aqualung's SVN trunk is available on GitHub, maintained by Aqualung developer Jeremy Evans at:


to clone it, type
$ git clone git://