Aqualung on Win32

This page is dedicated to the native NT-based Windows port of Aqualung.

[screenshot of Aqualung running on Windows 2000]

Latest Release: aqualung-setup_0.9beta11.exe
Latest Snapshot: aqualung-setup.exe (8.1M)
Last updated on 2011-02-28

Aqualung is an advanced music player originally targeted at the GNU/Linux operating system. It has many useful features built on a rock-solid backend supporting gapless playback that is a rarity not only among Linux players, but also Windows programs.

This Windows port is created by Aqualung lead developer Tom Szilagyi. Please direct your feedback (if any) to the Aqualung mailing list, clearly indicating in your mail that you are referring to the Windows version (and not the mainline Linux version). A good way of doing this is putting [WIN32] or something like that in the subject of your mail. Remember: you don't want to write to Tom's private address. Please don't submit anything to the Aqualung bugtracker concerning this port either.

Note that this port requires that you have an NT-based Windows system (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or newer). This means that Windows 9x (Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME) won't work.

Important: When upgrading your Aqualung, make sure to uninstall the previous version before installing the current one. The Uninstall facility generated by the installer should make this very fast and easy.


[2011-02-28] Update to R-1154 and GTK-2.16. Enjoy!

[2010-01-31] Release the finalised 0.9beta11. Please see the mainline ChangeLog for a list of changes. Enjoy!

[2009-02-08] Release the finalised 0.9beta10. Enjoy!

[2008-12-14] Mid-release snapshot incorporating almost a year's changes and additions (mostly fixes and smaller polishments, for a detailed listing please see the SVN feed). Enjoy!

[2008-02-10] Release 0.9beta9.1 with a few important fixes. The Win32 build now features a new systray icon on Windows XP and newer. Enjoy!

[2008-01-12] Pre-release snapshot before the upcoming 0.9beta9.1 containing important stability fixes and performance improvements.

[2007-12-19] Release 0.9beta9 with small additional fixes and a brand new installer generated using NSIS, which also supports selecting individual components: LADSPA plugins and localisation files. Enjoy!

[2007-12-09] Pre-release snapshot before the upcoming 0.9beta9. This build is feature-complete for the upcoming release, and is used for additional testing before the "real" release. The new metadata system is fully complete; also, a great number of fixes and improvements have been made and incorporated from mainline development.

[2007-08-31] Mid-release snapshot incorporating everything that happened to the mainline since 0.9beta8. This includes the new Export functionality (really handy for filling up your portable player) and Podcast support. Please note that metadata support is in a state of development right now, and in this build ID3v2 support is completely missing. So don't upgrade now if you need that especially; it will be back by the time the next beta comes. OTOH, the new metadata system has complete tag-editing support that does not rely on TagLib, and it is readily usable now (including FLAC, Ogg Xiph comments, APE and ID3v1) except for picture frames in FLAC and APE, and of course ID3v2.

[2007-07-07] Release 0.9beta8 with significant new functionality and many important fixes. Internet radio streams using Ogg Vorbis and MP3 audio encoding are supported. Added tabbed playlist support, very similar in concept to the tabbed browsing feature of Firefox.

[2007-05-15] Backported an important bugfix that enables CDDB queries from behind a HTTP proxy.

[2007-02-18] Port changes and release 0.9beta7.1 containing some bugfixes and a native WavPack decoder (previously WavPack decoding was possible via FFmpeg only, which turned out to be buggy).

[2007-02-05] Updating everything for the 0.9beta7 release. From now, this port will be released in parallel with the mainline source tarball via the SourceForge file release system. Snapshots of the installer may be available from this site between releases.

[2007-01-30] Adding stores and artists from the Music Store to the Playlist is now also a nonblocking, interruptible background operation. Some important bugfixes have been merged from the mainline as well.

[2007-01-27] LADSPA is finally ported: Aqualung/Win32 now supports LADSPA plugins compiled into Windows DLLs. The TAP-plugins collection of LADSPA plugins have been cross-compiled into DLLs and included in this installer package, so you automatically have them inside Aqualung. Other novelties of this build: upgraded to GTK+-2.10 resulting in Systray support; adding files/directories now operates in the background so the GUI is not blocked; and of course many miscellaneous bugfixes as usual.

[2007-01-15] Finally managed to get around to porting libcddb to use WinSock API, so from now there is CDDB support in the Win32 build, too. Also sorted out cross-compilation problem with Monkey's Audio codec. This build has been made with TagLib being rebuilt from latest SVN, which should fix several TagLib bugs.

[2006-12-29] Catch up again with the mainline. Lots of new stuff: CD ripping/encoding to WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or LAME MP3; entirely revamped Music Store builder; many memleak and other fixes. Oh, and last but not least: drag-and-drop is finally working in this port, too.

[2006-12-12] New build with merged and ported mainline development advancements since the last build. Most notable additions are CD Audio support (still incomplete, but highly usable) and Loop playback support. Important memory leak fixes have also been merged. A Win32-specific libXML2-related character coding issue has also been solved.

[2006-11-10] An updated build is available that incorporates my recent addition of FFmpeg to the supported codec libraries. As a result this build is capable of playing AC3, WavPack and (most importantly for Windows users) WMA audio files, among many others.

[2006-10-29] After several weeks of hard work, the time has now come to release the initial results to the public.


Currently the following known limitations exist compared to the Linux version. The list is in an approximate decreasing order of significance (also indicating the probability with which further work will happen in that particular area).


The source of this port is maintained as a separate branch of the Aqualung SVN repository, accessible at It is rather ugly, and is built on Linux inside a MinGW cross-compile environment. Building it is not easy, and you are not advised to spend your lifetime trying. For the record, there are build scripts here and patches to cross-compile some of the dependency libraries here. The Aqualung self-extracting installer is produced using the NSIS compiler (makensis.exe) run under Wine.

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